No one sympathizes with Corzine! August 29, 2020

We obviously found that the frequency of our playoff follow-up programs is high, right? The days ahead of us, aha, ah, ha, in the playoffs, we will start this, this, this, and conscientious completion. I’d like to talk to you about this question of thinking, and then we said before, right? As long as you make sure that you are in our season, you will be reimbursed. Moreover, attendance will not be paid. Merkel and experience have said that it is unlikely to return. The possibility of comeback is not very good. It certainly won’t play. Even if we have the chance to play in the finals, as long as we are not in a desperate situation, I think I dare not read my mind even if we are in a desperate situation. I must read Durant and curry.

One day, the supernatural comes down to the earth, ah, super high hit rate, explodes. No, no, Landry’s personal ability also won’t read kacins. Kacins to save the Warriors is not funny. Isn’t it demeaning the warriors, right? Kacins? You see. Because in the last program, even David West was not as good as other people’s affairs. It was very direct, very direct. What I am is what I want. Anyway, it can’t be covered. Right? First, join the Spurs. Why? Take the championship. I’ll go to the Spurs and have a look. It’s not OK. Turn to film and television to win two champions. This is not naked. The whole world is famous for its rings. After being recognized by all the people in the world, people all over the world are also expensive tools. You will be able to cover up what’s under it. You can also pretend to be ugly. Do you know.

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