No response to seeking top salary NHL maple leaf second in charge seeks to keep training in Switzerland February 10, 2020

Mitchell Marner, the second manager of the Toronto Maple Leaf team, has not made progress on his new contract with his parent team. Recently, a European agent said that Marner has sent inquiries to Zurich lions in the Swiss top professional league, hoping to train in Switzerland before reaching a new contract with maple leaf.

Malna’s new contract negotiations with the maple leaf team continue to be difficult. At present, there is little room for the maple leaf team’s salary. According to the amount of the new contract that sidmalna wants, it depends on the new contract of Auston Matthews, the top player in the team. Last season, malna scored 26 goals and 68 assists in 82 regular season games, scoring 94 points in total, averaging 1.15 points per game. Matthews, who scored 37 goals and sent 36 assists in 68 games, scored 73 points and averaged 1.07 points. In February, Matthews signed a five-year contract worth $58.17 million.

Coincidentally, before Matthews participated in the NHL draft conference in 2016, he chose to play in the Swiss top league for a year, playing for Zurich lions. Therefore, in the new contract negotiation and some off-season decisions of Marner, Matthews, who has a close relationship with him in private, plays a role worth pondering.

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