No wonder you lost to the Spurs August 28, 2020

The Nuggets play very simple. There are three small broken guards around this month. It’s very simple to introduce a cover jump shot. It’s nothing if you don’t have the ability to kill the basketball. There are three small guards Morey, this one, this, this ratio, and this one, um, I’m sorry.

Maybe we’ll have another short message. OK, let’s go to the last program. The above is about the three small slope guards of the Nuggets. They go around the corner flag and turn around. It’s very simple. All the tactics are so big. They are so late. All of them are so big. I can tell you that you can go and have a look and then Morey. miss Li Harris, three people are so big, ah, the feeling level is just so ha ha, the normal level is set. No wonder you lost to the Spurs. It’s really incompetent. The coach is also relatively poor in pursuit, and can let us all see that your level is really poor. Then, let’s talk about the second point. The second point is that the intuitive feeling of the second point is that it restricts the machine I didn’t see any assists, that is to say, he didn’t have a personal feeling for this kind of assists. The intuitive impression I got was that I was very impressed with this. Please, although you look like it. As long as there are five, six, seven, eight, right, six, seven cases in each game

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