Once upon a time, magic had a man in the field October 12, 2020

McGrady, who was named Jordan’s successor, always reminds people of the Penny Hardaway. When Tracy McGrady transferred to magic to wear the No. 1 shirt, many people would think that there was a man in the magic field who called on the wind and rain.

But it’s a pity that McGrady not only inherited Hadaway’s style of playing, but also inherited his bad luck. Ling Feng was right in front of him, but he was damned. He once again destroyed a talented player. Because of the injury, McGrady was also unable to win the championship. Even if it was within a short distance between the Spurs and the champion, he still regretted to miss it. Maybe God had already done it for them A play written by genius.

It’s really a pity that they suddenly stopped because of their injuries. What’s more coincidental is that their shoes replace them to continue their own popularity. Even after retirement, their sponsors still sell different versions and green determination.

Continue to talk about their legendary career, although the flash of their career more miss the moment of brilliance, the clown’s name does not remember, but they have been insisting, this is the most valuable place, Tracy McGrady and hadawi, are two talented players I feel particularly sorry about. If there are no injuries, maybe they can bring more wonderful performance time for everyone in this league.

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