Owen’s seven games in the article July 22, 2020

I don’t know. In real life, if you die like this, you are alive, right? No, Keats is alive again, right? Sorry to interrupt. Then, the article also mentioned the data of Owen’s seven games in the article, which also means commendation. Then, the problem that bothers Owen and the nets is mainly Owen’s emotional change. In fact, this problem, freedom, is not found now, including that he was in the Cavaliers before, ah, later in the Celtics, and now in the net, right? He will have such a problem, then whether this is the poison in the bottle or after playing this postseason.

In the regular season, we can know whether the cat is dead or alive. The final conclusion of the article is about Owen’s performance in these games or his ability to lead the team. There is no doubt that the article is well written. There are facts and examples to make the thesis clear and there are a lot of quotations. I think it is well written, right. I personally think, ah, from my personal point of view of NBA cobbler, is whether a player has the ability to lead the team. Now obviously, this team is led by Owen. We can see whether it can play the playoffs, whether it is money from the East and the West. This is the only standard. No matter how good it is, it is useless to play too well.

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