Celtic team in the first September 9, 2020

Of course, right now, he’s still playing well. He’s in the playoffs and he’s challenging the team. Strength ah, this playoff stage is to evaluate your team in the end, how good is the quality, and whether it is good or bad. Well, I think that the 76ers must want to go online to see what they don’t want to meet Celtic in the first round, although their own strength. The big Celtic team is also true, right? But try not to meet the Celtic team in the first round, because the playoffs are very strange, very strange, ah, if you are not in good condition, you will be attacked by the opponent stealing the airport, and it is very difficult to beat the seven.

At present, there is no possibility of any situation, so don’t challenge and then don’t think about the problem of more stars than less. Ah, the thing about a ball is the front and back of the coin, so it’s hard to say, so it’s still relatively stable to play the first round, which is very important for a strong team to adjust the state in the first round, and then see what problems there are. Well, raise the enthusiasm of these players, and then in the second round of the playoffs, you start to lose power, step by step, to the finals

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New MVP eager to try! September 8, 2020

Talking about the current situation of the war, er, I personally think, ah, finally, there are more than ten games left. Ah, some teams have no desire. The West has already established the list of all the players in the playoffs. Before, when the Lakers lost three games in a row, well, we said that it was basically impossible, and then it could be said that there was no possibility. The Clippers Jazz also established. This kind of post-season seat of the Spurs looks like a king, a Timberwolves, ha ha, it’s just like running with us, right? You’re just like what we said. You’re not like a team like the playoffs. You don’t have this kind of inside information. You don’t have this kind of spirit.

Well, so the Western playoffs list has basically been established, 99.9% and 99% of the eastern part is in this local bar. Ah, there is the possibility of Zheng Yijian. So the heat now has the dominant advantage, the dominant advantage, so large area and large probability to enter the playoffs. Well, we have to say, East, whether it is the east or the west, 678 position, you have nothing to contend with. It can be said that the first round tour is basically the first round tour, except for the Spurs. Maybe the Spurs have so much suspense. If they really stay in the seventh position. Well, I think the Spurs play the Nuggets in half

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Professor Yue is just a drop in the ocean! September 7, 2020

I don’t think it’s impossible to talk about the context of becoming a talent. If you want to have such a player, you should strengthen training from now on. In the future, it will take more than ten years to bring these players out. Ah, they began to cultivate when they were teenagers and 11 or 12 years old. Ah, it’s unrealistic and impossible to achieve NBA. It’s impossible without such conditions, let alone become a fashion and become a representative. The lower the physical education teachers are.

A player is not good, including, ah, being able to organize catchers who can attack and revitalize the team’s control panel. In the past, the king’s eighth family and now Mr. Yue can have several players. How many people can there be in the league? The whole 1920s. There are a few of them, ah, including Duncan, who are not good at organization. Well, Duncan’s organizational ability is also broken and forced by harvest. This is not active. Let me talk about it again. Now is the choice of MVP. For nbid, I personally think that as long as the 76ers can play first in the East and the first in the league in the next two to three years, Peter can still win. Armor 28 points and 13 rebounds, and other luxury data, the following footnotes are Xiaozhu. Um, this NBP is quite competitive, because over the years, it has really been in this position. Well, we know about small forwards and guards

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It’s too hard to go back! September 5, 2020

I personally think that if we let hardenway and others go to Chen Jieli and LAD and others to take over Kuri another five years later, then the possibility that he will enter the 10th prehistoric calendar is very great. It is only because of the era’s three-point intersection. In the era of convergence, there are too many judges, too many media and too low level of reading professionals do not approve of it. We think back then. In the past few years, a lot of people thought that shooting was not winning the championship, and media experts and scholars were beaten in succession.

Ah, Curie’s first champion, the first fmvp that may be able to get the fmvp was actually rejected by zero votes. The full vote MVP of the next year was paid off, but there was no chance. So it proved that. Our thoughts and conjectures at that time, ah, in that period of time, the recognition of the source was quite low. The zero vote n B P zero jump f n V P proved all this conjecture. So long average 26 point athletes, right? Well, the absolute core of the team to win the championship can’t reach fmvp. There is no vote. On the contrary, the uncle James Cavaliers have four votes. The vote is too unreasonable. History owes Kuri an fmvp, which is an indisputable fact. In the second year, we also said that the championship and FTP were priceless. All the honors of the regular season were collected by the warriors.

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Hou’s family September 4, 2020

This kind of attitude, right? You put it on the stage of history. Well, netizens, why should I say ah, er, mention it? Because I think it’s very easy to write, and it’s very pertinent, he said. No matter what record of Kobe is not recorded, and whether Kobe is excellent or not, he is so great in my heart, that is, growing up with me is almost the same meaning. Growing up with me is a small fan of Hou’s family, or er, I think it is simply like basketball. It’s very respectable. It’s also an excellent fan representative. You can like any star player even if you like it, right? It’s your right, even if this group doesn’t play well. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you look ugly. As long as you don’t come out to make a mistake, this is an inappropriate example. An inappropriate example is that some fans come out every day to make mischief when their favorite stars are not good.

Well, it’s very unreasonable, so we need to read this message from this fan. It’s very good. Simple love of basketball. Simple love of Kobe can’t be any other star. He just loves Kobe. No problem. Very good. What do we say? Nonsense is mainly to lead to the following. It seems that this program doesn’t mention that we’re going to focus on the three points, the historical three point projection

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The magician lost himself! September 3, 2020

I often say that the Rockets, often boast about the lights, think I’m harden hill, because I often praise James, but the James Laker fan. Ah, no, I didn’t say I was a warrior fan. Generally speaking, we were all, uh, cruel officials all over the place. Ah, we damaged Durant’s reputation a lot. We didn’t think so. Of course, you should listen to this year if you listen to last year’s program, when the warriors won the championship. We are also highly praised, so don’t think that we praise who is whose fans criticize who ah, have doubts, is to go to black him this kind of very low-level ah, this is very ignorant of this kind of cognition, Hadden? I think it is good enough, but this year for the MVP competition, ah, has fallen.

After the defeat, the letter quembo is more excellent and better, and it should be better. Let’s go over to talk about some big news about the experience of the Lakers. I don’t know whether it is true or not. Magic Johnson has been laid off and resigned. It’s just a matter of fact. For this position, the chief operating officer should be the chief operating officer. I don’t know that the protagonist is Wharton. Some netizens told me that Wharton was also fired. I didn’t see it. Oh, I really felt that I didn’t call it what I called it. What’s my name? Now our hit rate is 95% or even higher. Well, I’ve flipped it before. Because there are so many programs, I don’t know which issue is in which issue, and which issue is the book. But we are all very accurate, right.

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Kant Ibaka, Durant, Adams, three people to ride September 2, 2020

If the 76ers are knocked out in the first round, I can say coach Brown will finish class immediately in ten days. If you sign a contract, you’ll be thrown into the water. This kind of coach will destroy the CD and the earth. Of course, we have to say, ah, we can’t see these professional players. These professional coaches should see the problem, right? So we say that if we don’t do this player, it’s just like playing for two or three minutes.

Cavalry to see if there is a magic effect, right? Can’t enter the rotation position, can’t enter the rotation lineup of this team? Otherwise, why don’t the Spurs Popovich? Why don’t some people say that if the price is too high, you’re too high, you’re not only the price, right. A few years ago, Boban went to the thunder three little boys, the thunder team played the Spurs, or the thunder three little played the Spurs against the thunder, right? Go to the three towers, go up to the three high, Kant Ibaka, Durant, Adams, three people to ride. Take turns to build the three towers to beat the Spurs. The Spurs have no way to fight in the end. There is no memory, but there is no way to do it. Send the Bo office to see if it can save lives. Can it be just a half court ball, right? It’s impossible to prove the fact.

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Warrior crab walk! September 1, 2020

Now that I have no friends in these two games, I ask how to play the ball and decide how to delete it. Then I see that the support rate of the Spurs is very high. Ah, at the end of the game, the support rate of the Spurs is very high, isn’t it? In the front, it’s all about the decline. In the end, it was the Spurs’ side, the Spurs and other teams. It was this round of Western series that was really possible to make the following high probability games. There was also a blazer vs. thunder team in Gao Kelly’s game, but it was not as high as this level, which was half and half of the level, and it was general level. The Nuggets are too young for this team. They have no chance to be amazing in the playoffs. Right? I don’t know what’s going on after such a good result this year. He can’t figure out what kind of games it is. So it’s normal to make mistakes, but I’m not very good.

I believe it will be swept 4-0. After all, it shows the strength of the team on one hand. Playing the Spurs team, you have to lead the whole game, but you can’t let the Spurs take the lead. You have to take the lead. If you make a little mistake, you can play well if you don’t allow you to make mistakes

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When he comes to Lhasa August 31, 2020

A gentleman who lived on the basketball court does something, but his physical condition is very weak. You should make good use of your body.

Simmons also needs to use your physical quality and your physical ability to fight against Russell. When he comes to Lhasa, he calls him once, once he sees him once. Right? Today, he plays three doubles and makes an attack. Sorry to answer the phone. Er, it says that Simmons only has to attack. If you are not aggressive or aggressive, the opponent won’t care about you. You can’t drive the whole team. So Simmons needs this kind of play every game. The projection from the outside is very poor, and it hasn’t been for an hour. But you still have to be so big. You still have to play under the basket. You still have to play this impact. There’s no way. Learn this thing slowly. The last point, the last point, in fact. This is very important. The first three points are OK. The last point is about the use of Boban. We have said that the inside line is stupid. If the room doesn’t go out, Pu doesn’t go out. It’s also very intuitive to play with his teammates. Right? With Bobo and with burbo ban, there’s no difference.

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No one sympathizes with Corzine! August 29, 2020

We obviously found that the frequency of our playoff follow-up programs is high, right? The days ahead of us, aha, ah, ha, in the playoffs, we will start this, this, this, and conscientious completion. I’d like to talk to you about this question of thinking, and then we said before, right? As long as you make sure that you are in our season, you will be reimbursed. Moreover, attendance will not be paid. Merkel and experience have said that it is unlikely to return. The possibility of comeback is not very good. It certainly won’t play. Even if we have the chance to play in the finals, as long as we are not in a desperate situation, I think I dare not read my mind even if we are in a desperate situation. I must read Durant and curry.

One day, the supernatural comes down to the earth, ah, super high hit rate, explodes. No, no, Landry’s personal ability also won’t read kacins. Kacins to save the Warriors is not funny. Isn’t it demeaning the warriors, right? Kacins? You see. Because in the last program, even David West was not as good as other people’s affairs. It was very direct, very direct. What I am is what I want. Anyway, it can’t be covered. Right? First, join the Spurs. Why? Take the championship. I’ll go to the Spurs and have a look. It’s not OK. Turn to film and television to win two champions. This is not naked. The whole world is famous for its rings. After being recognized by all the people in the world, people all over the world are also expensive tools. You will be able to cover up what’s under it. You can also pretend to be ugly. Do you know.

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