Paul is in a dilemma July 16, 2020

Therefore, Paul is required to play as much as possible to play a good performance and reflect his own value, so that it is possible to make a transaction. Right, hand over a comparative Heat team. Then we will talk about the heat’s problems with the Cavaliers. You see, after today’s game, he has been transferred.

The East should be the fifth and sixth position. Oh, if I’m right, I’m sorry to correct it. Oh, I look back at the third position in the East, but you can see that the fourth, fifth and sixth are very close to it. It’s just about a game of ball, ah, a half court game. So you have to say what kind of heat he is. There is, and it’s not easy to say, because this team we have said before, there are many players in many teams, and their contracts are expired contracts, so these players play hard and hard, and there is Jimmy Butler, the excellent and excellent example, because of the player.

Play, very, hard, and, she also asked his players to be like him, easy to run, we come back, so for the thunder team, the best result of this season is Paul excellent, play to lead the thunder team to the ninth tenth row, don’t touch some players in the playoffs.

The earth told us that he wanted to play the playoffs very much. Some teams didn’t want to play. In the playoffs, he didn’t want to play seventh or eighth. There was no good for her situation. Let go. This year, there is a broad future

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