Professor Yue is just a drop in the ocean! September 7, 2020

I don’t think it’s impossible to talk about the context of becoming a talent. If you want to have such a player, you should strengthen training from now on. In the future, it will take more than ten years to bring these players out. Ah, they began to cultivate when they were teenagers and 11 or 12 years old. Ah, it’s unrealistic and impossible to achieve NBA. It’s impossible without such conditions, let alone become a fashion and become a representative. The lower the physical education teachers are.

A player is not good, including, ah, being able to organize catchers who can attack and revitalize the team’s control panel. In the past, the king’s eighth family and now Mr. Yue can have several players. How many people can there be in the league? The whole 1920s. There are a few of them, ah, including Duncan, who are not good at organization. Well, Duncan’s organizational ability is also broken and forced by harvest. This is not active. Let me talk about it again. Now is the choice of MVP. For nbid, I personally think that as long as the 76ers can play first in the East and the first in the league in the next two to three years, Peter can still win. Armor 28 points and 13 rebounds, and other luxury data, the following footnotes are Xiaozhu. Um, this NBP is quite competitive, because over the years, it has really been in this position. Well, we know about small forwards and guards

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