Red Sox pitcher jovaldi’s three and a half innings of minor league recovery match will turn into bullpen in the future February 11, 2020

Nathan ewaldi, defending MLB champion Boston Red Sox fireball pitcher, struck three and a half innings in the first 3-A minor league recovery earlier today. It is said that he will join the Red Sox in the major league this weekend and officially become a member of the bullpen.

Due to the elbow pain and lower back discomfort, since late April, the Red Sox champion last year has been on the injury list. Because he has undergone ligament transplantation twice in his career, the Red Sox is very conservative in the evaluation of jovaldi’s condition, and would rather let him rest more than send him on.

In today’s game, jovaldi has 11 good pitches out of 19 pitches in a single game. Although the team lost to Louisville 2-4 in the end, it did not hinder jovaldi’s three out of three good performance. The Red Sox will face the Orioles in a four game series in Baltimore, and jovaldi is expected to head from Illinois to Baltimore on Sunday Beijing time to join the team.

As the team has previously announced, jovaldi, who has previously played as a starter pitcher, will move into the bullpen for the rest of the season and is expected to take on the role of team terminator.

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