Rocket sells Capella September 25, 2020

A netizen is very enthusiastic and has been leaving us a message about whether the Rockets are possible. Ah, Wright Gordon, the contract of Capella, the exchange ability, Davis may have everything. It’s a matter of probability. Davis is willing to go or not, ah, the championship, the lineup, it must be no problem, but you have to know, if the Rockets attend these lineups, Gordon waiter will be thrown away, and the contract will be dropped. So, is Ka and bell a four-year 45 year four-year contract or a five-year contract? Does it include, eh. As well as Paul’s, the three person structure is the lineup of the three giants. If you trade cabella in advance, Anthony Davis, after coming for two years, whether he can still sign with you is a problem. In other words, Capella’s super value contract in the next two years may have been gone.

Among them, Anthony Davies, in this one to two-year contract, this is a problem, the second point is to provide right, is willing to accept this matter, cabella’s contract for four years, if we don’t say, then all house arrest, then Gordon and Wright will still play with this season. Well, almost renewing the contract is a problem again

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