Some members of the team did not carry out the heatstroke prevention arrangements in place October 7, 2020

It was only in the second playoffs that Disney returned to Disneyland. The park has not been able to show the best sixth man in the regular season. In addition, the opponent in the first two rounds had a tall center. Therefore, compared with the regular season, his playing time decreased from nearly 28 minutes to 19 minutes, and his score dropped from more than 18 points to less than 13 points.

He had only six points in five games. In the fifth game, which could have been finished, Lear was still emotional and had a style, but he was obviously not tall enough to follow a machine. After scoring under the basket in 9:18 in the fourth quarter, Halley did not score any more.

It seems that Murray’s layup was cheated by skipping a foul. In fact, it was a height disadvantage, but it always existed. The key of Halier’s game was that he didn’t have a tacit understanding with his teammates when he was defending, pick and roll. In other words, he didn’t implement the coach’s plan. Coach Rivers said after the game, ah, some players in this game didn’t do a good job in the implementation of some heatstroke prevention arrangements.

He probably refers to harrier. Look at this pick and roll. I have a moving picture here. Harrell should be a bag or a replacement when George’s house is on line. After the bag is wrapped, is it a follow-up or a jump shot? As a result, he didn’t keep up with it, so he didn’t change people in time.

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