Star team’s 2-1 overtime kill predator goalkeeper opens to send another Division home first February 12, 2020

On April 23, the NHL playoffs continued its sixth contest. Dallas, who is in the center of American Airlines, beat the Nashville Predators 2-1 extra time, scoring 4-2 to enter the second round of the playoffs. And the predators, after lightning and fire, became the third division first team to go home in the first round of this year’s playoffs.

Match point

The two sides fought against each other in the last match, but as a result, the star team’s attack team has completely recovered to the level of Lindi RAF. Radurov, Jamie Ben and Segan, the once powerful attack team, destroyed the defense line of Daya. The attack group of the whole series is very sluggish, except for Fosbury’s occasional performance, avidson is totally sleepwalking.

Competition review

5:47 seconds after the opening of the game, Fang took the lead. P.K. – Su ban was shot outside the blue line by Bishop. Watson took the chance to make up the shot, and Fang took the lead 1-0. After that, Lin Nei blocked the attack of Jamie Ben and speza. In 14:55 seconds, zucallero fouled the star team and gave him a chance to play hard. Johnson and avidson were blocked by Bishop. In the second quarter, 5 minutes and 20 seconds, the star forward fakesa grabbed P.K. – Su ban in the blue line, the star team made a beautiful three line fast break, fakesa assisted Como to score the ball, and the star team equalised the score. After that, the goalkeepers of the two teams performed. Before the end of the third quarter, bishop and Lin Nei made more than 40 saves respectively, and the two teams entered overtime 1-1. In the extra time game, 17:02 seconds, star team’s klinberry received the assists from radurov and Segan and finally broke the deadlock. Finally, star team won 2-1.

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