Stern died of illness July 15, 2020

About the new season and the new competition system, well, what impact does this have on the NBA? In fact, we talked about it in the previous programs, and then, um. Some netizens said that we were not clear about what we said, and no eunuch could understand it. Let’s just say it again. Then, I have a conservative and reserved attitude towards this matter. In other words, I don’t support or approve of this thing. I think there are problems in pushing out this thing. How to say it, I can imagine it and then simply imagine it. Looking forward to the future, ah hey, er, what kind of League will NBA become in five years’ time? What kind of trend will the NBA develop into? Well, I think it’s good in principle to add new competition system in the new season, but the actual use effect is really poor. You should know that.

Because he’s going to start a new season. His goal is what his goal is. Many fans don’t understand why he wants to do it. In fact, it’s very simple. NBA is a Business League. Even if it’s football and basketball, you’ll find out the competition system. The goal of the new season is to make money. Especially the NBA business alliance, ah, the business alliance with super gold absorption ability. He is for Oh, she is his goal. His purpose or his purpose is to make money

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