Suggestions for entrepreneurs and investors of advertising marketing May 12, 2020

At the end of this paper, we summarize six suggestions for the practitioners of advertising and marketing industry.

First, Martech is bound to beat Adtech, the traditional media procurement business model is bound to collapse, and the combination of marketing companies and CRM becomes the trend.

According to Zhang Rui, founder of time interest interactive, the core business of advertising and marketing companies used to do media procurement business with customer relationship. Now, the media upstream is centralized, the customer relationship is declining, and the technology driven media procurement business becomes the future. Accenture cuts into the field of digital media purchase, and launches the program purchase service unit, including media planning, media purchase and program advertising activity management, which cannot do without relying on better data insight.

In the field of media purchase, whoever has the best insight will win. At the same time, with the development of self media, it is a new competition point to establish an efficient cooperation system with self media.

Wang Lian, chief data scientist of blue cursor, also said: “we have met many marketing companies in Silicon Valley in recent years, and they are often thinking about how to integrate with CRM.” Big data doesn’t have much value. Data has value only when it’s near. The first party data is particularly important. Big data brings the greatest benefit to intelligent marketing, that is, the integration of brand and effect becomes possible.

Second, the advertising and marketing industry is extremely fragmented, but there will continue to be M & A integration. Through organizational innovation, there may also be 5000 large companies.

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