the clippers of the Lakers July 25, 2020

In the future, we’ll see how much the status and ranking of the two teams are. This is more accurate. We don’t need to see the front ones. Or, er, we can simply visit the past. Ah, other teams have been built firmly. We should pay more attention to the 76ers and so on. Let’s take a look at the changes in the new season, the clippers of the Lakers, let’s give time to play. In addition, er, finally, we have to say that this question of rookie Williamson has been mentioned before, right? Well, it was also said in the program.

Hold a conservative attitude, hold a conservative opinion, ah, this, the fact has also proved, ah, such a weight for an athlete is still quite terrible for human beings, right? This one did not take a few months for this Xichang to repeatedly attack, right, um, this Barkley also gave professional advice. Well, to lose weight, or to find a suitable physique for him, to put it simply, is to build. So, for this player, er, people’s hope for him should not be too high. It’s a high probability event to be destroyed or injured, right? Well, let’s see how to protect the skin. If it’s over protected, over protected. Well, the last season, two seasons, that youth time has passed, ah, then there is no best time to cultivate him. So, I think, ah, look, say, Xi’an Nazhen, in order not to be late to have a look

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