the Laker fans should look forward September 21, 2020

The level difference and the low level are really amazing. So I think, um, can the exchange ask for four first round signings. I just give you four first round signings. It’s worth keeping one or two young players, right? Take out the whole team and add the first round. You can either change it or change it quickly, right? Give this matter down right now, or you can.

You can’t help but watch the rhythm, right? Er, now, the Lakers, the whole nation, self-defense, all of these players are put on the shelf, all of them are defending. This is a very bad signal. So, the Laker fans should look forward to the fast trade. Nanning, I personally think that if he can’t come, James will be very tired in the second half of the season. Ah, when he wants to play the playoffs, he doesn’t play a good role in the internship. In addition, with Anthony Davis, it doesn’t play a good role, but it plays a bad role. Basically. Well, we’ll see

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