The Lakers lead the free market! August 1, 2020

Too many netizens care about it. Seeing that the Laker fans, James fans are still quite big waves. After the last program, some netizens asked us why he didn’t want Butler to go to the Lakers today. You didn’t mean the Lakers, Jim Butler. Ah, it has to be in the second choice. First, Thompson and green. In the second chapter, Leonard and Jimmy Butler are selected. The third is based on Anthony Davis and Owen. It’s very simple because I’m not a James fan, I’m not a Laker fan, I’m a neutral fan. We analyze this from the perspective of players. From this point of view, the above analysis of another problem is right, and then we can synthesize to discuss our personal prediction, that’s all. So, please leave this here, and the 30% discount is better than its advantages. Of course, the premise is to stay. Harris’s advantage is greater than that of the Lakers, so this is absolutely because the 76ers can play The finals.

Well, the composition of James, the Cavaliers, the three giants, should not breathe, but also have some competition, right? Then we will go to analyze this person. Of course, if you leave the 76ers, then you can join the Lakers and play the back of the finals. It depends on how Jimmy Butler discusses how to think about this team.

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