The level of internal relations on this level did not play a good effect November 28, 2020

From the basketball level, from the level of internal relations on this level did not play a good effect, then the record ah also gave this corresponding background, to the eastern semi-finals will lose this bucks this. Under the iron hoof, well, it can be seen that last year’s season was a failure for the fetal team.

Now, with the addition of Kanter, the attack firepower of the whole Celtic team, the overall attack firepower and the captain’s defense have the original gene, so this team is even more.

For balance, we know that a balanced team, offensive and defensive balance is more terrible, because his weaknesses are less, attack weaknesses are less, defense landing is also less, so you have to point out that there is no good way for him, only rely on the strength of the overall strength to destroy the Celtic team, so. I personally think that’s what I think of Celtic team, ah, so last year, so from 19 to next year, 19 to 203119-20 seasons, even if Celtic team reaches the eastern finals, I think it’s a relatively normal thing to do to bucks, I think it can shake.

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