The NBA can’t read the four word August 27, 2020

If you don’t go to the top five in history, you can’t go down to the top five in history, so you can’t go down to the top five. As for the title of history’s three point king, I can tell you that you can play according to my style. You should know that you want to learn from it. The NBA can’t read the four word golden words above, right? If you set it as cool, then what does it mean to set it as a blank number? If you look at the history of these three point shooters, he has a certain point of projection. On the three-point line, the shot is the second point. But Kuri, unlike all other shooters, has the most advantage and strength, and the most powerful thing is that his range is not fixed, his projection point is not fixed, and his position is above.

He can have a high shooting rate, and ah, as long as after half-time, all the places are his three-point projection area, which is very terrible, which is quite powerful. Ah, it is totally different from others. Let’s take another example, for example, O’Neill, ah, has a high two-point shooting rate, right. But can you say that he’s the king of two? That’s impossible, right

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