the NBA’s acclimatization September 23, 2020

As the head coach, oh, as the head coach, as a substitute coach, as an assistant coach, we don’t count. I tell you, Popovich has a lot of assistant coaches. Uncle 7788 and I have more than a dozen of me, but I can’t name them. I want to pass the ban from Popovich, right? It’s not old. What kind of coach, puppet, coach, has any ability. What, talent, Blatter played in Europe, I played a good ah, change to this, the NBA’s acclimatization ah can’t look at, plus, we all know, Liu guidance I think is still a relatively good ah, can adapt to this kind of ah, know how to bend and stretch, he has nothing. Right? That’s the first point, right? You have to have different opinions with the team’s boss, the superstar at that time. Right? You played a few games, ah, you played several games in the finals. James, it’s more than enough to be a coach. I’ll tell you, but he won’t do it. You’ll have to practice this later.

It’s hard at first. It’s really hard. There’s not much money, right? With such a large amount of business, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, is the business right? Don’t you want to make millions of dollars a year, coach? Right? You have to be a puppet coach, right? Super, Mingxing, that’s right. Superstars can talk to coaches. Do you understand. Super, star, privilege, that is, too many coaches.

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