The price of insurance will not be very expensive February 18, 2021

Ah, I found one. Anyway, the price of insurance will not be very expensive, but it must be a very low contract, right? Because I just lost my job. Ah, I sent a job contract. Even if it’s a little worse, it needs to be able to make a transition, right? I can face it when I’m able to fight, and I can have a stable job. So why did the Lakers want to cut Walton?

Ah, it must be limited level, right? Limited level. The problem is, limited level, so the coach should be cut. So even if the level is a little, even if the level is a little. On the one hand, we can understand a lot of people. You think a lot of fans understand that. That’s right, right? But only a few fans have a second idea. Or there is a second kind of understanding.

We need to learn. Then I tell you why, because changing the coach can whiten the mentality and self-confidence of the team players, self-esteem and self-confidence, whiten and rebuild.

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