the rocket team’s operation September 15, 2020

Murray’s packaging is very good, ah, the back, the hard back, the hardback, and so on, the packaging is very good, but the actual effect, the actual function is very poor, the actual function is very poor, so the Anderson transaction said it was approved. The team got it from Wright and Chris. After Wright’s trading, he added a first round signing. Champert and other two losers, two scum. The player cleaned up the scum player and then tied up the first round. You should remember that he tied up a handwheel.

I don’t remember if I don’t protect it. In other words, he, come on, shanbott used Anderson to add a first round signature to exchange for a model. Anderson’s passing away was to use a first round autograph and a four wheel rim, which could be changed from the king, but it didn’t succeed at that time. Well, no matter how bad it is, a first round signing would also like to throw Anderson out, but this year has not been successful, this thing can not be done this year, ah, in this case, a first round plus a first round signing is at least 1.5 first round signing in exchange for Dexiang. Porter only has 1.5 first round signings for the project. I would like to ask you. Therefore, the rocket team’s operation is not to reduce, but to strengthen a front line lineup, so save money, return to the matter, is inadvertently cut down, we will save

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