the Rockets have completed step by step September 19, 2020

This, all star level similar, players, now, Gordon can’t go up, right, Wright directly, plus the first round all changed to the chest special No. 3 position, um, is completed, the Rockets have completed step by step, according to our expectations, ah, there are still today. This, the cycle, ah, the season, the first period, the class and the fans have to say, how about collecting? Can we take the place of the coffee substitute? We said that there is no chance, no chance at all. The cycle doesn’t work at all. We have no taboo, although it’s Chinese, right? We hope he can play well.

We have no taboo. We never boast about it. If you can’t play well, it’s not good. You’ve been fired, torn down, you’re going to CBA to play and stay in Liaoning team, right? One thing after another has never happened, there’s no accident. Right? So many programs can be watched and listened to, right. Don’t be wrong. Other teams also said yes. Of course, we said a little less, not as much as the Rockets, because the Rockets had a lot of problems, the first in the League last year, and a lot of problems this year, so we analyzed and compared them a little more. We also said that the other teams were basically close to each other. Well, what’s more, I can tell you very, very responsibly this season that Gordon is bound to stay in the team. Ah, there are still eight hours without trading. If we finish this year, we have to stay in the team. We can see that Gordon has a contract of 20 million yuan, and a contract of 20 million yuan is worth more than 20 million yuan. If it’s less than 20 million, I’ll give you a long contract and sign it. Ah, it’s very important. I’m sorry. For Hardon Paul, Gordon is too important, too important. To supplement the impact of harden and Paul, in case the playoffs can’t be played, the following playoffs will happen.

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