the Spurs and the Blazers August 25, 2020

Listen to our program, friends to give me an example, the Spurs and, the Blazers, yes, the west, the touchstone we, again and again is the touchstone, played the Spurs, played the Blazers, you can play the playoffs, have a problem? Yes, we said that in the regular season, right. It’s also about keeping the Spurs here, right? The seventh and eighth position, the blazer, plays. Well, it also proves that he can prove his ability, right? You know, in the regular season, ah, it’s just a few games short of two to eight, ah, within one hand, one hand. Right? 5678 is short of a few games. Ah, ah, he often goes back to have a look. The competition is so fierce, right? There is a slight slip. Other teams also have injuries. No, there are teams that want to play or not. This fast pass is like a dog who wants to play and doesn’t want to play until the playoffs. I’m very reluctant. If you open a fast-food restaurant, you can see that he is reluctant to play the playoffs. It’s the king’s Timberwolves. The Lakers are not striving for success. Look at him. The absolute core of the team has been traded. What can we teach you.

Come on, we have to play the playoffs. That’s an accident. Right? So it’s right to say that the Spurs and the Blazers are the touchstone of the west, because they are stable, they are very stable, right? Especially, at the beginning, we said that we can’t do it every year, and they play well every year. I have said that.

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