there is none under heaven to equal him? August 26, 2020

You, can’t, put a certain point or a certain area on this time axis, about, than its proper term called the era of the ball, he is just an era. Do you know, you say it’s the era of the ball, there are unlimited changes of houses now? Does it still exist now. What is wireless? All positions are changed, right? Now all positions are changed? You, including you, are not changed in all positions of warriors, right? Talk about the era of little ball, ah, you are not yourself, you are slapping yourself in the face, playing your own mouth. Master yourself, right.

Well, in the past, why not, now why, there was a past when we talked about man to man defense, right? Joint defense was forbidden. Man to man defense is a feature of that era. It was a product of the defense rules of that era at that time. Now, it’s the house change, right? Now everyone changes rooms, but it’s not unlimited. Without this concept, you can say that in the era of small balls, there are room changes, ah, the level is not enough, right? Well, your level is not enough, so we should see more. Right, how much knowledge, right? If the level is not enough, listen to our program and you will know how to help you grow your knowledge, right

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