Think too much are scars! July 23, 2020

So how to evaluate the historical status? In fact, we have done these programs in more than 1900 programs, but they are too many. They are buried in them. You may not find them. Ah, let’s talk about them briefly. We have talked about them systematically. We will talk about them now. Ah, you say that when two people have different views and opinions on a certain thing, are they right? They argue fiercely and quarrel with each other. One argument fails to reach the conclusion that everyone can agree with. Either you are right or I am right when it appears.

Ah, who, how can we judge him? In fact, it’s very simple. We need to have an authoritative person who can be recognized by everyone to come and judge whether team a or team B is inclined to a or B. So, this question comes. Many people think that Curie’s historical position is very important. Some people think that curry’s historical position can enter the history of NBA. Ten right people have launched heated discussions and debates. In fact, this kind of discussion and debate is meaningless. First of all, um, the people who are discussing it are meaningless, especially those who argue with her. All of these athletes who are not in the top ten of history do not have the necessary history to discuss. There is no difference between the 11th and the 101st in history, these players. There is no player, there is no difference, so curio is equal to Haden, kurio is equal to Paul curio, equal to weishao, they are about equal to the relationship between who is before and after, there is no significance, then can Curie enter the category and ranks of the top ten in history.

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