This hammer and hammer will drop the inside of the bottle November 20, 2020

It’s not an attack. On the one hand, archers need to reach the all star level. You can’t beat the 35 million all star level data and performance. You’re not worthy of such a big salary, right? So young.

OK, these two games, let’s go over it. Let’s talk about an article we saw today, I saw an article on NBA dot com at 3:30 p.m., and what I just saw was a report about Owen. Yesterday, we did a program about Owen, right? We think we are constantly foresight, right? We still have forward-looking, right? You see.

Now we can start to discuss Owen, right? We focused on Owen yesterday. These reports will come out today. I believe that many media websites will discuss this question. He wrote this, citing a physical experiment, Schrodinger’s cat, studying physics or engineering, basically. We should all know that, if we don’t know it very well, he has heard and heard that a cat is locked in a box. There is a radioactive element in the box. There is a radioactive element decay in the box. A detection machine detects the decay of the radioactive gingko element, and it will move. This hammer and hammer will drop the inside of the bottle.

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