Those who mention a new level December 2, 2020

Ah, there are also low back hit techniques and mid shot techniques, and there are also those killing techniques to achieve hard disk damage. Only with Popovich’s whip, right, draw, box, and then he will hit. Ah, if he doesn’t smoke, he will start to turn over the jump shot and throw further and further. After the final throw reaches a certain distance, he starts to be a pawn blacksmith.

He spurs, I feel good, these two money are really good, good, very good. Well, the three fronts, the Spurs defense, those who mention a new level, Morris, Carroll, this way of defense is obvious to all, but also withstood the test, oh, the metal withstood James. It’s very, very good, especially Carroll. Carroll is a player who, I think, is seriously undervalued. Some players, in this league, are not used well.

When they go there, they are like tramps. Can they play East and then fight him. Well, yes, I think it’s a very good harbor for the ball to park in. Ah, it’s an early time to arrive at the Spurs. Confident Popovich should give some opportunities, right? And then he can pick up the confidence again. Well, Morris, let’s not say more. This player is also more comprehensive and has a good defensive ability.

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