Three phenomena of the Lakers! July 24, 2020

Today’s several games have been played. Let’s make a comment one by one. The Lakers and the Hornets have completely watched the game. Ah, the other nets and the Spurs. Ah, how much discount they’ve played. Let’s talk about it later. Er, now that the Lakers still have half a minute’s lead to win the game, er, in fact, we have already said that before, ah, and then we can summarize, or say, some of the arguments or observation phenomena to you, clear, confirm, you have a chance to make a record or to keep it in mind. Look, after 82 games or 20 games, let’s see if it’s exactly the same as what we said. Ah, now, when the Lakers play the Hornets, it doesn’t mean that the problem is not typical. Ah, because the Hornets’ team doesn’t mean it can match the Lakers.

Boring, ah, it doesn’t constitute any threat. But if you keep playing, if you keep playing in such a state, any team will not pose a threat to the Lakers. Oh, in the previous programs, we talked about the advantages of the Los Angeles team. Now, he is extremely powerful inside. You have a good view of the Lakers and whether they will be the League after playing this season. The teams with the most blocked shots, ah, Howard, Anthony Davis, and McKee, ah, if cousins can come back in March and April of the season, that is, there is no one of the strongest inside lines in the league. There is no dispute that the strongest inside line has dominated the inside line in the past decade.

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