Thunder can play back and become a very excellent team in the West October 23, 2020

Reconstruction is fast, so, the nets is also an excellent example, right? Have a good grasp of Owen, ah, Durant and the team will be able to play in the playoffs, now no Durant can play in the eastern part of this six seven position, Durant came back smoothly, after discussion, it is also a team in the East. The winner, ah, of course, we have to consider the issue of life. Let’s play at that time. Well, for the thunder team, for him, there is only one way to rebuild, that is, the draft right, the cultivation of young players. But this is his advantage.

Thunder, the team is very good at cultivating young players. The players in the team, culture, machine a, as long as you play in the thunder, you can see a positive, hard-working, hard-working, ah, all of these players go out, we don’t know, but anyway, it’s in the thunder team that all reflect such a spirit. A good team, so the process of his overthrow and reconstruction should be very short, very short, three years. Thunder can play back and become a very excellent team in the West. Now, the more excellent and outstanding team is, the Mavericks, for the Mavericks.

In my opinion, we should make full use of the contract, but we can’t give the contract to some teams, which shows the incompetence and confusion of management. For example, next year, we say that the Mavericks have a good chance, and now we say they have a good chance to take delivery. No, England, don’t say you look good at this team.

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