To fight and have no confidence to win October 22, 2020

Right, is the first one not good? Is it not good for jinbart? Wait for this one? Is it not good? Is it not excellent? So I still think that Tang poetry or Wiggins have no will to fight and have no confidence to win. People are there every day. They are here.

They are really disgusting. They really hate them. They hate them. Ah, they don’t talk about them. If they don’t mention them, they just say what they are. Now, even if you trade here, there is no real significance in Lhasa. Your help is not huge, or you rely on this lineup. If you want to play the playoffs, you don’t change your attitude, you don’t change your scarves, you’re suitable, you’re prevaricating.

You can’t make any achievements. Or you’ve got to kill Russell for the contribution fee. Ah, Russell, it’s not easy to build up the confidence and mix with you two. It’s over. Lhasa won’t accept it. Let me give you a big question mark. You’re going to hang out with Wiggins, don’t you think there’s a future? Second, let’s talk about the warriors. I don’t want to see you off. Lhasa, I think this news is true. It’s new. It’s in line with his requirements now.

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