What are the characteristics of oil painting? May 7, 2020

Oil painting and watercolor gouache are different. They use special oil to mix pigments. It’s usually flaxseed oil, walnut oil and other vegetable oil that dries faster. But don’t think that oil painting dries fast is relatively speaking, after all, it’s the paint mixed with oil. So the oil painting is not easy to dry. Generally speaking, it needs to be dried for at least one month before it can basically dry out. Because of this characteristic, oil painting is also suitable for painting for a long time.

The main reason why oil painting is liked by artists is because of its strong touch. It can be thin and thick, and it can well preserve the strokes we need. And oil painting has a very strong sense of three-dimensional, even if the long-term depiction, the color of the picture and the shape of the object will not change. Generally, it is what it looks like after painting.

In addition, oil painting pigments will not darken even after they are dry, and will maintain the thickness and glossiness of the paint layer. Therefore, painters who are good at color expression are also very fond of oil painting.

When we paint oil paintings, we usually create on canvas (of course, cardboard or wood board are also common). Generally, at the beginning of creation, we need to lay a layer of bottom, in addition to preventing oil leakage on canvas, there are also reasons for convenient texture effect.

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