When he comes to Lhasa August 31, 2020

A gentleman who lived on the basketball court does something, but his physical condition is very weak. You should make good use of your body.

Simmons also needs to use your physical quality and your physical ability to fight against Russell. When he comes to Lhasa, he calls him once, once he sees him once. Right? Today, he plays three doubles and makes an attack. Sorry to answer the phone. Er, it says that Simmons only has to attack. If you are not aggressive or aggressive, the opponent won’t care about you. You can’t drive the whole team. So Simmons needs this kind of play every game. The projection from the outside is very poor, and it hasn’t been for an hour. But you still have to be so big. You still have to play under the basket. You still have to play this impact. There’s no way. Learn this thing slowly. The last point, the last point, in fact. This is very important. The first three points are OK. The last point is about the use of Boban. We have said that the inside line is stupid. If the room doesn’t go out, Pu doesn’t go out. It’s also very intuitive to play with his teammates. Right? With Bobo and with burbo ban, there’s no difference.

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