Why did Lin Shuhao leave Knicks? May 8, 2020

There are internal and external reasons. Let’s look at them separately. The external cause is quite obvious. 404 Moog opened a 500 + 500 + 1500 contract to rob people. In 1500W, Nix faced the situation of renewing Agua’s contract. At the same time, it was also the tail of the big contract of the small company. Nix was in short supply and lacked of matching. But I really want to love you so much. If you bite your teeth and stamp your feet or Lin Shuhao is a white man with blue eyes, you will stay here. You can adjust it in three years. Those who move around and borrow will not pay so much tax. At that time, no one realized that the salary cap would grow so violently in a few years… Then it was the internal cause. At that time, it was reported that some people in the team didn’t want Lin Shuhao to win the big contract… It must be the people with more voice and tactical position who can promote the result of leaving the team.

Knicks like to play with defenders who love to pick up, tear down and pass, not to mention Chandler. Landry fields is the owner of Lin Shuhao’s couch in the starting position 2. It was Knicks’ fixed routine for them to slip the baseline and pick up the dunk in an empty way at that time… Jeffries, Douglas, Novak and rookie shanbot. Do you think they are right? Do you know who these four people are I’ve lost sight of their faces… Who is left Agua and Jr Smith, who were cured in the crazy period of Lin.

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