Yokic, keep up! August 22, 2020

On Sunday, the Spurs played a quarter and a half in the first quarter. Oh, I saw that it was 29-16. Er, the Nuggets were 13 points ahead. We said before that if we played seven games, we would support the Spurs, but what. We also hope that the nuggets can, win, ah, as we said before, ah, determination is very dangerous. It’s very dangerous to play tiebreaker. Because the machine lost in Game 6, slash, score and lose. We said, ah, the early programs can be read out. Listen, menstrual period, we must not be defeated in this game, and we must know how to play the Spurs and the Spurs. Playing giant basketball, playing personal ability, crazy bombing Spurs team, I saw nine points in the first quarter, nine points in a quarter, and 36 points in level Four, right? They all quickly built two refurbished planes. Fouls were 40 crazy shots. The first episode was nine shots. Only in this way can we have hope.

I hope you’re a little ahead now. You don’t count. The Spurs team, ah, if you miss a little bit, ah, he will be able to reverse the situation. Menstrual period. We hope it doesn’t matter as long as we are determined to win, right? We hope it doesn’t matter. We also support the Nuggets. The Nuggets should stick to their own playing methods, especially. We must insist on our own playing method, crazy shooting, crazy bombing and bombing. The way to win the Spurs in this way and win the Spurs in the way that the Spurs fear to win the Spurs. Only in this way can you fight, the Spurs, ah, play well, play very well.

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