You don’t need to rot if you use it indiscriminately December 5, 2020

Superstar, superstar, superstar, oh, not superstar. Two days ago, I was in the group to discuss superstars, superstars, right? We never use the wrong words. You can rest assured, we have a very clear definition of superstar, superstar, superstar.

It is very clear that he is. There is a red line, ah, Leonard is not a superstar. Superstar is not a superstar. Don’t use it indiscriminately. You don’t need to rot if you use it indiscriminately. It’s very bad. There is no gold in the street. I think of myself as a superstar. I took a lot of money. Well, every team now wants me. Every team thinks I’m hungry, and I’m very proud.

This city hero, right? There’s a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money. I think about this from this angle. Why haven’t I made a decision. Well, in fact, it’s very simple. Ah, I think it’s very simple. Next, I’ll give you an analysis. Before analysis, I’ll say it first. No matter where we have to go now, I can see that fans are mainly divided into two groups? It’s very simple. I think, in fact, I analyze this.

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