Using method of decorative film explained by heat transfer film manufacturer May 30, 2020

As a new technology and product in the Internet era, heat transfer decorative film has the characteristics of no plate making, environmental protection and simple and quick operation. Qingyi hot transfer decorative film decorative film, hot seal (waterproof tape), hot melt adhesive film (double-sided tape), high gloss granular film, TPU high and low temperature film, positioning film (hot paper), etc. So how to use the heat transfer decorative film? Let’s show it to you.

  1. Operation process of decorative film

First, design the pattern on the computer, then use the laser cutting machine to cut the pattern, tear off the extra part outside the pattern, put the decorative film pattern on the clothing to be hot stamped, and then use the hot transfer machine to turn the hot stamping, tear off the pet on the surface from the base material, and finally make the finished product.

  1. Operation process of high and low temperature film

First design the pattern on the computer, then use the laser cutting machine to cut or punch to cut the pattern, arrange the cut pattern, fix the decorative film pattern on the hot stamping clothing, and finally make the finished product by using the high-frequency machine to heat up the pattern.

  1. Operation process of hot melt adhesive film

The user presses the hot-melt adhesive film to the surface of the material according to the materials (belonging to leather or cloth) used in the model shoes through the high-temperature composite equipment, and then cuts or electrocarves each part customized according to the sample plate after drying, and removes the release paper of the adhesive film, and then burns to the surface of the mesh or other cloth through the high-temperature and high-pressure; this method is called seamless bonding upper;

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Heat Transfer May 13, 2020

Heat transfer printing is to print pattern patterns on heat-resistant offset paper, A technology for printing the pattern patterns of the ink layer onto the finished materials by heating and pressurizing. Even for the patterns of multiple colors, the transfer operation is only a process, so customers can shorten the printing pattern operation and reduce the material loss caused by printing errors. The multi-color patterns can be mapped at one time by using the heat transfer film printing, There is no need to color, simple equipment can also print patterns.

The heat transfer printing equipment is used to decorate aluminum shaped materials and various metal plates, which can achieve the effect of wood products or marble. The heat transfer printing equipment works according to the principle of heat sublimation. It can quickly transfer the required wood grain or marble grain to the powder coating surface of aluminum shaped materials in 3-5 minutes and can penetrate 40-60 microns inside the coating.

A variety of equipment products have more functions now, and now a variety of different equipment products are better recognized by the market

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Suggestions for entrepreneurs and investors of advertising marketing May 12, 2020

At the end of this paper, we summarize six suggestions for the practitioners of advertising and marketing industry.

First, Martech is bound to beat Adtech, the traditional media procurement business model is bound to collapse, and the combination of marketing companies and CRM becomes the trend.

According to Zhang Rui, founder of time interest interactive, the core business of advertising and marketing companies used to do media procurement business with customer relationship. Now, the media upstream is centralized, the customer relationship is declining, and the technology driven media procurement business becomes the future. Accenture cuts into the field of digital media purchase, and launches the program purchase service unit, including media planning, media purchase and program advertising activity management, which cannot do without relying on better data insight.

In the field of media purchase, whoever has the best insight will win. At the same time, with the development of self media, it is a new competition point to establish an efficient cooperation system with self media.

Wang Lian, chief data scientist of blue cursor, also said: “we have met many marketing companies in Silicon Valley in recent years, and they are often thinking about how to integrate with CRM.” Big data doesn’t have much value. Data has value only when it’s near. The first party data is particularly important. Big data brings the greatest benefit to intelligent marketing, that is, the integration of brand and effect becomes possible.

Second, the advertising and marketing industry is extremely fragmented, but there will continue to be M & A integration. Through organizational innovation, there may also be 5000 large companies.

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Factors affecting the quality of heat transfer products: the quality of heat transfer processing

Heat transfer processing is a service process that transfers the heat transfer film to the substrate surface. In this process, we need to pay attention to several problems, otherwise it will also affect the quality of heat transfer products.

A. Keep the machine clean:

Keep the important parts of the machine clean, not stained with oil and dust, keep the heat transfer film clean, not stained with fingerprints and dust, keep the printing products clean, free of dust and oil, keep the hands of processors clean, free of oil and sweat;

B. Hot stamping temperature:

Hot stamping temperature has a significant impact on the quality of heat transfer products. If the hot stamping temperature is too high, the substrate may be damaged, and if the hot stamping temperature is too low, normal transfer may not be achieved. Ironing temperature should be determined according to substrate, film and heat transfer machine. Different materials have different ironing temperature.

C. Stamping pressure:

Hot stamping pressure must be adjusted to the most appropriate, otherwise too large and easy to damage the rubber head and the hot object, too small and affect the hot stamping effect. After adjusting to the best stamping pressure, the pressure should be adjusted and locked to avoid changes in mass production.

D. Stamping speed:

Hot stamping time (speed) should be determined according to the specific hot stamping materials. Under the condition of ensuring the hot stamping effect, the faster the speed is, the higher the production efficiency is. However, some commodities must be slow hot stamping due to some special conditions.

To sum up, there are many factors that affect the quality of heat transfer products. If you don’t pay attention to them, they will affect their quality. Therefore, you need to strictly follow the operation process when making heat transfer products. Heat transfer machine

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Amik engineer’s dedication: details determine success or failure! Nine major maintenance steps of ironing clothing May 11, 2020

After you buy a painting T-shirt you like, it must be maintained to wear it for a long time, so that she can really become a personalized and durable clothing. Here are some ways to maintain the painting T-shirt:

  1. The T-shirt will be a little hard after being pressed, and it will become softer after washing. (generally, new t-shirts need to be washed in 2 days. )
  2. Do not rub the surface of T-shirt (hot stamping) pattern by hand (the surface material of the hot stamping pattern will not adhere to dirt).
  3. Do not wash with detergent containing bleaching agent. . wash with warm or cold water below 40 Comments Off on Amik engineer’s dedication: details determine success or failure! Nine major maintenance steps of ironing clothing
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Brand confidence

The controversy of brainwashing advertisement naturally lies in the vulgarity of aesthetics, but the repeated appearance of vulgarity advertisement also reflects a sad conclusion that China is a vast country with different aesthetic standards, and most of the target users of the brand will not pay for aesthetics or creativity.

Those who are preferred have no fear. Many people watch vulgar advertisements and say they want to uninstall and pull black. But when they really enter the use scene, they will reinstall it. This is the universal “true fragrance law”.

Brand preference evaluation plays a more important role in the mature market and standard products. Because the user’s brand switching cost is not high, and they don’t like coca cola, you can choose Pepsi Cola.

However, rough advertising brand owners often have unique product advantages, or are in a stage of preemptive positioning, and the maturity of the industry market is not high, so there is reason to overdraw brand goodwill in order to preempt the market.

In addition, we really don’t think that brainwashing advertisement is easy to make. According to our observation, the content creation of brainwashing advertisement needs certain foundation and relevant methodology as support. Not everyone can make brainwashing advertisement to ignite topic discussion.

Imagine, if you were in charge of brand marketing of Hengyuanxiang, could you come up with something like “twelve zodiac ads”? (it’s hard to think about, though it looks silly.)

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Recent changes or contracts of major league baseball players May 9, 2020

  1. The ray team called up right pitcher Jose de Leon from 3a and lowered infield Mike brosseau to 3a.
  2. Blue Jays right hander Nick Kingham chose to be a free agent after he was transferred and removed from the 40 man list.
  3. The astronauts called CY Sneed, the right pitcher, from 3a.
  4. Sportsmen put the designated strike Khris Davis on the list of paternity leave.
  5. Angels signed a minor league contract with left hander Luiz Gohara.
  6. Marlin calls right pitcher Robert dugger from 3a.
  7. The Cardinals release drew Robinson.
  8. The giants released right hander Carlos Torres.
  9. Changes of priests’ players:

(1) Call left hander Nick margevicius from 2A

(2) Put catcher Austin Allen down to 3a

(3) Pick up Nick Martini, the outfielder, from the sportsman’s release list

  1. The Los Angeles team called left hander Sam Howard from 3a and lowered right hander Rico Garcia to 3a.
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Why did Lin Shuhao leave Knicks? May 8, 2020

There are internal and external reasons. Let’s look at them separately. The external cause is quite obvious. 404 Moog opened a 500 + 500 + 1500 contract to rob people. In 1500W, Nix faced the situation of renewing Agua’s contract. At the same time, it was also the tail of the big contract of the small company. Nix was in short supply and lacked of matching. But I really want to love you so much. If you bite your teeth and stamp your feet or Lin Shuhao is a white man with blue eyes, you will stay here. You can adjust it in three years. Those who move around and borrow will not pay so much tax. At that time, no one realized that the salary cap would grow so violently in a few years

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Characteristics of baseball

Baseball is a kind of ball game with the main characteristics of playing baseball and strong collective and antagonistic. It is known as “the combination of competition and wisdom”. It is a collective sport that integrates wisdom and bravery, interest and cooperation. It combines movement with stillness and has a clear division of labor. Members of the team should not only emphasize personal wisdom and ability, but also pay attention to strategy and tactics and cooperate with each other. Members have clear division of labor and clear responsibilities. They must actively cooperate and help each other. When necessary, individuals should be willing to sacrifice themselves in order to take the overall situation into consideration. Under the blue sky and the green grass, put down the burden of work and give yourself to your team. Your teammates are your usual colleagues. In the interesting baseball game, you can more realize the importance of trust, tolerance and encouragement. In baseball, everyone has the opportunity to be a controller, and have their own positioning and your judgment of the overall situation

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What are the characteristics of oil painting? May 7, 2020

Oil painting and watercolor gouache are different. They use special oil to mix pigments. It’s usually flaxseed oil, walnut oil and other vegetable oil that dries faster. But don’t think that oil painting dries fast is relatively speaking, after all, it’s the paint mixed with oil. So the oil painting is not easy to dry. Generally speaking, it needs to be dried for at least one month before it can basically dry out. Because of this characteristic, oil painting is also suitable for painting for a long time.

The main reason why oil painting is liked by artists is because of its strong touch. It can be thin and thick, and it can well preserve the strokes we need. And oil painting has a very strong sense of three-dimensional, even if the long-term depiction, the color of the picture and the shape of the object will not change. Generally, it is what it looks like after painting.

In addition, oil painting pigments will not darken even after they are dry, and will maintain the thickness and glossiness of the paint layer. Therefore, painters who are good at color expression are also very fond of oil painting.

When we paint oil paintings, we usually create on canvas (of course, cardboard or wood board are also common). Generally, at the beginning of creation, we need to lay a layer of bottom, in addition to preventing oil leakage on canvas, there are also reasons for convenient texture effect.

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