When he comes to Lhasa August 31, 2020

A gentleman who lived on the basketball court does something, but his physical condition is very weak. You should make good use of your body.

Simmons also needs to use your physical quality and your physical ability to fight against Russell. When he comes to Lhasa, he calls him once, once he sees him once. Right? Today, he plays three doubles and makes an attack. Sorry to answer the phone. Er, it says that Simmons only has to attack. If you are not aggressive or aggressive, the opponent won’t care about you. You can’t drive the whole team. So Simmons needs this kind of play every game. The projection from the outside is very poor, and it hasn’t been for an hour. But you still have to be so big. You still have to play under the basket. You still have to play this impact. There’s no way. Learn this thing slowly. The last point, the last point, in fact. This is very important. The first three points are OK. The last point is about the use of Boban. We have said that the inside line is stupid. If the room doesn’t go out, Pu doesn’t go out. It’s also very intuitive to play with his teammates. Right? With Bobo and with burbo ban, there’s no difference.

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No one sympathizes with Corzine! August 29, 2020

We obviously found that the frequency of our playoff follow-up programs is high, right? The days ahead of us, aha, ah, ha, in the playoffs, we will start this, this, this, and conscientious completion. I’d like to talk to you about this question of thinking, and then we said before, right? As long as you make sure that you are in our season, you will be reimbursed. Moreover, attendance will not be paid. Merkel and experience have said that it is unlikely to return. The possibility of comeback is not very good. It certainly won’t play. Even if we have the chance to play in the finals, as long as we are not in a desperate situation, I think I dare not read my mind even if we are in a desperate situation. I must read Durant and curry.

One day, the supernatural comes down to the earth, ah, super high hit rate, explodes. No, no, Landry’s personal ability also won’t read kacins. Kacins to save the Warriors is not funny. Isn’t it demeaning the warriors, right? Kacins? You see. Because in the last program, even David West was not as good as other people’s affairs. It was very direct, very direct. What I am is what I want. Anyway, it can’t be covered. Right? First, join the Spurs. Why? Take the championship. I’ll go to the Spurs and have a look. It’s not OK. Turn to film and television to win two champions. This is not naked. The whole world is famous for its rings. After being recognized by all the people in the world, people all over the world are also expensive tools. You will be able to cover up what’s under it. You can also pretend to be ugly. Do you know.

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No wonder you lost to the Spurs August 28, 2020

The Nuggets play very simple. There are three small broken guards around this month. It’s very simple to introduce a cover jump shot. It’s nothing if you don’t have the ability to kill the basketball. There are three small guards Morey, this one, this, this ratio, and this one, um, I’m sorry.

Maybe we’ll have another short message. OK, let’s go to the last program. The above is about the three small slope guards of the Nuggets. They go around the corner flag and turn around. It’s very simple. All the tactics are so big. They are so late. All of them are so big. I can tell you that you can go and have a look and then Morey. miss Li Harris, three people are so big, ah, the feeling level is just so ha ha, the normal level is set. No wonder you lost to the Spurs. It’s really incompetent. The coach is also relatively poor in pursuit, and can let us all see that your level is really poor. Then, let’s talk about the second point. The second point is that the intuitive feeling of the second point is that it restricts the machine I didn’t see any assists, that is to say, he didn’t have a personal feeling for this kind of assists. The intuitive impression I got was that I was very impressed with this. Please, although you look like it. As long as there are five, six, seven, eight, right, six, seven cases in each game

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The NBA can’t read the four word August 27, 2020

If you don’t go to the top five in history, you can’t go down to the top five in history, so you can’t go down to the top five. As for the title of history’s three point king, I can tell you that you can play according to my style. You should know that you want to learn from it. The NBA can’t read the four word golden words above, right? If you set it as cool, then what does it mean to set it as a blank number? If you look at the history of these three point shooters, he has a certain point of projection. On the three-point line, the shot is the second point. But Kuri, unlike all other shooters, has the most advantage and strength, and the most powerful thing is that his range is not fixed, his projection point is not fixed, and his position is above.

He can have a high shooting rate, and ah, as long as after half-time, all the places are his three-point projection area, which is very terrible, which is quite powerful. Ah, it is totally different from others. Let’s take another example, for example, O’Neill, ah, has a high two-point shooting rate, right. But can you say that he’s the king of two? That’s impossible, right

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there is none under heaven to equal him? August 26, 2020

You, can’t, put a certain point or a certain area on this time axis, about, than its proper term called the era of the ball, he is just an era. Do you know, you say it’s the era of the ball, there are unlimited changes of houses now? Does it still exist now. What is wireless? All positions are changed, right? Now all positions are changed? You, including you, are not changed in all positions of warriors, right? Talk about the era of little ball, ah, you are not yourself, you are slapping yourself in the face, playing your own mouth. Master yourself, right.

Well, in the past, why not, now why, there was a past when we talked about man to man defense, right? Joint defense was forbidden. Man to man defense is a feature of that era. It was a product of the defense rules of that era at that time. Now, it’s the house change, right? Now everyone changes rooms, but it’s not unlimited. Without this concept, you can say that in the era of small balls, there are room changes, ah, the level is not enough, right? Well, your level is not enough, so we should see more. Right, how much knowledge, right? If the level is not enough, listen to our program and you will know how to help you grow your knowledge, right

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the Spurs and the Blazers August 25, 2020

Listen to our program, friends to give me an example, the Spurs and, the Blazers, yes, the west, the touchstone we, again and again is the touchstone, played the Spurs, played the Blazers, you can play the playoffs, have a problem? Yes, we said that in the regular season, right. It’s also about keeping the Spurs here, right? The seventh and eighth position, the blazer, plays. Well, it also proves that he can prove his ability, right? You know, in the regular season, ah, it’s just a few games short of two to eight, ah, within one hand, one hand. Right? 5678 is short of a few games. Ah, ah, he often goes back to have a look. The competition is so fierce, right? There is a slight slip. Other teams also have injuries. No, there are teams that want to play or not. This fast pass is like a dog who wants to play and doesn’t want to play until the playoffs. I’m very reluctant. If you open a fast-food restaurant, you can see that he is reluctant to play the playoffs. It’s the king’s Timberwolves. The Lakers are not striving for success. Look at him. The absolute core of the team has been traded. What can we teach you.

Come on, we have to play the playoffs. That’s an accident. Right? So it’s right to say that the Spurs and the Blazers are the touchstone of the west, because they are stable, they are very stable, right? Especially, at the beginning, we said that we can’t do it every year, and they play well every year. I have said that.

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CBC will be taken out August 24, 2020

Some friends and netizens must think that this is too irresponsible and so on. There are so many papers and so many articles.

It seems that people are going to spit blood. Right, I can only catch you to have a look at you. Well, this proposition is the same for all of us. Is the star eye on the stack right? After penetrating the argument, I think it’s almost the same argument. It’s about the same. If you want to see if it’s smooth or not, you’ll see if it’s smooth. So, I think it’s too long and lengthy. It’s a waste of time and not many people will seriously read it. Take out the black background. I see the bold characters. Ah, what the author wants us to realize is that the content, ah, is just one stroke. Right, there are a lot of them. Oh, there are many. I have seen at least three films. Let’s talk about ours. That’s the stuff. It’s necessary to match the 76ers with the Raptors, and I can say that at the end of all the series, ICBC will be taken out to do a comprehensive right, and then say, um, Peter.

For Chang Xiaojia, right? Then XXX team lacks JUANJUAN, right? That’s it. There must be mutual, comparative workshops

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Yokic, keep up! August 22, 2020

On Sunday, the Spurs played a quarter and a half in the first quarter. Oh, I saw that it was 29-16. Er, the Nuggets were 13 points ahead. We said before that if we played seven games, we would support the Spurs, but what. We also hope that the nuggets can, win, ah, as we said before, ah, determination is very dangerous. It’s very dangerous to play tiebreaker. Because the machine lost in Game 6, slash, score and lose. We said, ah, the early programs can be read out. Listen, menstrual period, we must not be defeated in this game, and we must know how to play the Spurs and the Spurs. Playing giant basketball, playing personal ability, crazy bombing Spurs team, I saw nine points in the first quarter, nine points in a quarter, and 36 points in level Four, right? They all quickly built two refurbished planes. Fouls were 40 crazy shots. The first episode was nine shots. Only in this way can we have hope.

I hope you’re a little ahead now. You don’t count. The Spurs team, ah, if you miss a little bit, ah, he will be able to reverse the situation. Menstrual period. We hope it doesn’t matter as long as we are determined to win, right? We hope it doesn’t matter. We also support the Nuggets. The Nuggets should stick to their own playing methods, especially. We must insist on our own playing method, crazy shooting, crazy bombing and bombing. The way to win the Spurs in this way and win the Spurs in the way that the Spurs fear to win the Spurs. Only in this way can you fight, the Spurs, ah, play well, play very well.

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I’ll take a look at the Rockets August 21, 2020

High, error rate ah, this error rate is very high, some netizens want to say that the netizens estimate to guess whether we say high shot, fast pace, and so on, I tell you, ah, what is playing high income, ah, these two balls meet, one piece, ah, you say me, level 15, 15, I don’t believe that I will have a look tomorrow, right? Let’s have a look every day.

Forecast to see how many mistakes they can make, ah, yes, play fast, play fast, fast, and there will be problems like this and that will be accompanied by high numbers. Then, when we look at this conversion, we can see who has less mistakes, who plays this, how to change the attack and play well. Sneak attack, play well, fast attack, play well, just like this. Ah, rockets and warriors, we don’t talk about it. How about the first game? Ah, this is a test of warriors. I’ll take a look at the Rockets, can, hold on, a few rockets. Of course, we hope the Rockets can. The reaction is that we support the Rockets. No matter what kind of games we play, we support the Rockets. Ah, support the opposite of warriors, attack warriors, challenge, power. This is our personality.

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NBA news August 20, 2020

Players smart players basketball IQ players. Or if they want to, they can turn to, um, sports related to basketball, er, who is the anchor and commentator? You can listen to them. What’s more, I think it’s of great significance to learn from it. However, he can’t leave the industry. Well, if he leaves this industry, it’s the competition field. If he doesn’t update the information and study in time, it’s like this. Those who fall behind will be eliminated again. What about eating dry rice and eating old rice, fried cold rice, eating old money, people can’t do it, they can’t do it. Sooner or later, they will be eliminated, so we need to constantly update the anchor’s explanation of this kind of line.

Guest, what’s more important about this industry? In fact, I also answered the message from a netizen before, which can be regarded as the anchor’s explanation of the industry. Ah, this guest, this industry is actually basketball. Complicated things can be simplified for you to understand. Let me let you understand this thing. Ah, there are not many high-level people. It is rare, including these guests. The live broadcast reported in time is long and inconsistent. It is usually slapped in the face

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