Consider how to deal with the big contract in hand, or more directly December 11, 2020

Considering how to deal with the big contract in hand or, more directly, how to deal with the problem of which CD and the earth should be left behind, Reeves is not a coach who can experience reconstruction. I think he is a good muscle with strong theory and will be waiting for 2008.

Celtic won the championship coach, but is he a coach who can lead the team to experience reconstruction? I think I know what you mean, but I think it is a bit inappropriate to use the word “Reconstruction”. We know that the previous season, after losing to kabayin that bumping ball, ah.

At that time, I felt that, in fact, there was a lack of a front foot to follow this year’s clippers, but through the whole season last year, it was found that the problem was a little big, so I think their goal should not be to fight for the championship, but to return to the road to the championship. I agree, but they will be eliminated in 2019.

Finally, what did they do after they were eliminated, they, they, the one inside, they just let Butler go and signed two bigger contracts, Harris and hofford, playing in the era of space in the League reception room.

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You don’t need to rot if you use it indiscriminately December 5, 2020

Superstar, superstar, superstar, oh, not superstar. Two days ago, I was in the group to discuss superstars, superstars, right? We never use the wrong words. You can rest assured, we have a very clear definition of superstar, superstar, superstar.

It is very clear that he is. There is a red line, ah, Leonard is not a superstar. Superstar is not a superstar. Don’t use it indiscriminately. You don’t need to rot if you use it indiscriminately. It’s very bad. There is no gold in the street. I think of myself as a superstar. I took a lot of money. Well, every team now wants me. Every team thinks I’m hungry, and I’m very proud.

This city hero, right? There’s a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money. I think about this from this angle. Why haven’t I made a decision. Well, in fact, it’s very simple. Ah, I think it’s very simple. Next, I’ll give you an analysis. Before analysis, I’ll say it first. No matter where we have to go now, I can see that fans are mainly divided into two groups? It’s very simple. I think, in fact, I analyze this.

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Get control and we can get back to the net as soon as possible December 4, 2020

Marx knew that he wanted to be the head coach. In fact, within a week or two, he was his coach candidate. So I think in this respect, the management of the nets and himself are very, very confident about this job. In fact, we should also hope that this NBA or the epidemic situation in the United States.

However, if the epidemic situation can be controlled and we can return to the basketball court as soon as possible, I hope to see the coach’s voice at that time on the sidelines of the net next season. It’s true that I have been paying close attention to the opening information of the NBA last season. If the epidemic situation can be controlled and the fans can enter the court, I think you can go there.

This semester, our former brother who sold tickets, had Durant next season and was really very good-looking at that time. So when it comes to New York team changing coaches, it has to be mentioned that the basketball team in New York City is also the light of New York basketball, right? The New York Knicks and the Knicks team, in fact, I can’t count the past.

As for how many coaches have been changed over the years, basically there should have been at least two coaches last season. In fact, before the official end of this season, a new coach was changed, that is, siebodu, who had been in charge of the bulls and the Timberwolves.

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Because the Clippers are on the team now December 3, 2020


On Sunday, let’s talk about the Clippers. Yesterday, we said in the group that the Clippers need to be quick. Take it. Rondo has more money to solve the interior center problem than to solve the point guard problem, but the clippers have no active operation. I succeeded in winning Rondo. In fact, Rondo is very easy to use.

With Paul georgepe and Leonard, it’s a perfect match. Because the Clippers are on the team now, his lineup is really wonderful. The poor lineup de and Paul George are excellent enough. The attack ability or attack choice of other players is wrong.

It can be said that there is no leader. There is no volleyball team. There is no blank ambassador in the middle of the court. Every team depends on Paul George to measure it. It’s hard for them to play singles when they go to singles.

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Those who mention a new level December 2, 2020

Ah, there are also low back hit techniques and mid shot techniques, and there are also those killing techniques to achieve hard disk damage. Only with Popovich’s whip, right, draw, box, and then he will hit. Ah, if he doesn’t smoke, he will start to turn over the jump shot and throw further and further. After the final throw reaches a certain distance, he starts to be a pawn blacksmith.

He spurs, I feel good, these two money are really good, good, very good. Well, the three fronts, the Spurs defense, those who mention a new level, Morris, Carroll, this way of defense is obvious to all, but also withstood the test, oh, the metal withstood James. It’s very, very good, especially Carroll. Carroll is a player who, I think, is seriously undervalued. Some players, in this league, are not used well.

When they go there, they are like tramps. Can they play East and then fight him. Well, yes, I think it’s a very good harbor for the ball to park in. Ah, it’s an early time to arrive at the Spurs. Confident Popovich should give some opportunities, right? And then he can pick up the confidence again. Well, Morris, let’s not say more. This player is also more comprehensive and has a good defensive ability.

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The attraction of this big city is so strong that it doesn’t need to cultivate young players December 1, 2020

Every year is the first round, the first round, right? In fact, it’s chronic suicide. It’s really chronic suicide. You can make a little money ahead. However, you can’t see the big money and have no reserve. If you play the playoffs, you won’t have a lotto. You have a good grasp of these young players in the future.

This is not enough. We can only cultivate the big brand teams through the young players and the young players with poor quality. I don’t want to talk about them. These teams are doing big business. They are doing big business. Senior, this businessman and the cultivation of small clubs, young players are the first heirs. You have trained them, come here to play with me. I give you a top salary.

The attraction of this big city is so strong that it doesn’t need to cultivate young players. They don’t need to cultivate her. She doesn’t need to. I don’t have this time to do these things for you. Now, we said that the rockets and the thunder team can make a deal with Westbrook, so the previous programs have said that I hope you can listen to it. It’s not swearing. It’s impossible for some friends to use swearing. I never said it’s a one-way deal.

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