Changing the competitiveness of the team February 26, 2021

People’s understanding of the interests of basketball, ah, the shooting guard is responsible for scoring, ah, changing to play point guard, ah, changing the depth of the Rockets, the depth of the team, changing the competitiveness of the team, which is rare in history, and it can be said that harden fans can take it out. Ah, it’s all right. 60 plus points, 60 plus 3 pairs, right? 50 plus 3 pairs, 60 plus 3 pairs, 50 plus 35.

Among modern basketball, orcs, in history, must have been done by Chamberlain. Chamberlain’s goal is rebounding, assists and blocks. We don’t know, because there are no statistics, right? So, er, compared with these, 123 has been, put a word, turned over the word, weishao’s record is very difficult to break, the most difficult to break, it can be said that there is no one, the most difficult to break, is three people, these three people.

No, one, not many others, say, ah, not many others, because there are a lot of historical records, you can’t challenge the whole NBA, right? You can’t challenge the data of those players, and those players can’t adjust the data of external temperature. OK, finally, let’s talk about the difficulty.

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Who wins and who loses decides to play in the first four games February 23, 2021

After six and seven games, don’t be surprised. In the end, who wins and who loses decides to play in the first four games. We don’t judge now. After four games, we can say that if we play two, we can predict who wins and who loses between the Pacers and Celtic. Of course, someone has to say.

In the case of 3-to-1, ah, 4-to-0 sweep, we don’t need to say, praise doesn’t need to say, this is the Afterword, ah, this is the afterword to play four shows, because all we can predict is about six games, six games, six games, seven games and lose money, don’t think it’s not too unexpected, ha, 4-to-0.

In other words, the probability of four to one sweep, ah, I think the probability here is relatively small, it may be in other people’s, there is a relatively large probability, I think the Pacers team will sweep four to zero, ah, I believe there are so many excellent defensive players in the Pacers team. I’m sure we’ll treat him well. Owen, we’ll take care of him. Well, let’s talk about the next game. The next game is the thunder team. I believe you are more concerned about the Blazers.

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The price of insurance will not be very expensive February 18, 2021

Ah, I found one. Anyway, the price of insurance will not be very expensive, but it must be a very low contract, right? Because I just lost my job. Ah, I sent a job contract. Even if it’s a little worse, it needs to be able to make a transition, right? I can face it when I’m able to fight, and I can have a stable job. So why did the Lakers want to cut Walton?

Ah, it must be limited level, right? Limited level. The problem is, limited level, so the coach should be cut. So even if the level is a little, even if the level is a little. On the one hand, we can understand a lot of people. You think a lot of fans understand that. That’s right, right? But only a few fans have a second idea. Or there is a second kind of understanding.

We need to learn. Then I tell you why, because changing the coach can whiten the mentality and self-confidence of the team players, self-esteem and self-confidence, whiten and rebuild.

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When you talk about two superstars at the same time February 9, 2021

Don’t grade, right? Blame each other, blame each other, so if it was last season, we strongly recommend four less plus four first round signings for Anthony Davis. Why? It’s because we need to build a two giant model and introduce the third one as soon as possible.

It’s not difficult to get together in the second giant, right? James’ deputy, James’ deputy, the second giant. You have to determine the position. Well, this time point should be grasped. In this season and next season, in the case of recruitment, it will be more ideal. You have to talk about it at the same time. Two superstars, when you talk about two superstars at the same time, well, a friend also said to be quiet, Durant. I think this way is OK, but Er, er, the success rate is quite low. It’s more difficult.

It’s more difficult for you to do two-hand operation at the same time, so, er. Anthony Davis, if it’s worth making a trade before the deadline of this season, you can also make an impact on the playoffs, right? Well, of course, up to now, the Lakers have been locked out of the playoffs.

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Contracts with more than three years February 8, 2021

Contracts, I don’t think about it. We share them with you in the group. It’s basically based on our judgment, the judgment of N on BH a price comparison. Contracts with more than three years, more than 10 million contracts, ranging from 13 million to 15 million, which is about 45 million. I think it’s one.

The price here, so join the Suns, the Suns we know, a clich

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